My paintings record the dialogue I have  with myself about events that are real or imagined or a combination of both. The finished canvas is the external document that captures those conversations  and reimagines them with a new context, some visual embellishment and a bit of whimsy. I have a long list of meditations seeking liberation, based on my own experiences and observations of living in the world.

background & Process

Originally from Louisville, I studied art at Bellarmine - Ursuline Colleges, and then, after a stint in the Navy, finished up at the University of Kentucky.

For me, making art usually involves telling a story (but not always). I like to work directly on a square canvas surface to create mixed media compositions with original and/or found imagery; I then manipulate with layers of acrylic color & texture built directly onto the canvas, also utilizing stencils, fabric, handmade paper, found text, repetitive numbers and fragmented patterns - all in search of fresh and unusual juxtapositions that can be finessed into something, hopefully, altogether new and original. I enjoy a colorful palette and visual wordplay.     


For over four decades, I have been involved in the arts in a variety of meaningful ways, in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Phoenix.  My primary professional career was in the performing arts - as an administrator, festival producer and  multi-arts presenter but enjoyed a later career in city government. Throughout those years, I also pursued a parallel path in creating visual art work in my studio and exhibiting when possible. 

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